Enjoy the outdoors, stay safe and aware.

My name is Kayleigh Maxfield and I am a beginner runner, and I love to run on rugged terrain, in the wilderness, up mountains, etc.


Basically in all the places that have little to no one around… and the chances of encountering a mountain lion are much much greater than if a person was running at the gym or around a track in town.

So I thought of this clothing line to help myself and others who enjoy the same type of out door exercise with some much needed protection incorporated.

No I am not cruel to animals. NO I do not want to harm them in anyway! If it came down to saving me or a loved one however, damn straight I will be aiming to kill in order to protect myself or others.

I want to be protected.

I want to protect others.

The simple fact is that Mountain Lions are dangerous and the sightings of them are not un heard of!

If you do happen to encounter one and you have others with you, protect the smaller people first.

Also always remember these three things:

Do not turn your back to the lion; not even for one second. 

Do not break eye contact. 

Make your self seem bigger. 

-Fight for your life. 

As a runner and lover of the outdoors, it is important to protect yourself so that you do not find yourself in a vulnerable situation.

Its better to be smart and stay prepared so that you can enjoy the very reason you are there in the first place.

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